Connecter le hangar

Connecter le hangar


Le Connect est un "support de vélo à monter n'importe où" parfait pour ceux qui se retrouvent à travailler, à rouler ou à vivre dans des situations dynamiques.

-> Ne pèse que 3 livres . Facile à emporter partout .

-> Conception propriétaire . Fonctionne avec presque tous les vélos et structures de support .

-> Essayez-le sans risque . Aucune question posée politique de retour .

La plus grande force du Connect est sa polyvalence - qu'il s'agisse d'utiliser un poteau de tente, une échelle de camionnette, un panneau de signalisation, un support de vélo ou une autre structure stable, le Connect vous donne la possibilité de travailler, de nettoyer ou simplement d'afficher votre vélo dans un endroit pratique et sécurisé. manière.


Le Hangar Connect mesure 14"x 6"x 2" et pèse 3lbs.

Avec une ouverture de mâchoire de 7,6 cm et une conception exclusive de mâchoire/pince, le Connect est compatible avec une grande variété de tiges de selle et peut se fixer solidement à de nombreuses structures de support, y compris des surfaces rondes, rectangulaires et, dans certains cas, même plates comme des « comptoirs ». .

Une conception de pince détachable à double position permet une option ultime lors de la fixation du Connect à un vélo ou à une structure de support - changez la position d'une ou des deux pinces pour mieux s'adapter au type de tige de selle ou de surface sur laquelle vous la fixez.

Quatre points de rotation activés par des goupilles à dégagement rapide permettent des ajustements rapides et faciles.

Les inserts de mâchoire en thermoplastique offrent une prise sûre et durable tout en évitant tout dommage à votre vélo.

Nous suggérons d'utiliser le Connect avec des vélos de moins de 55 lb ; cependant, la limite de poids varie en fonction de la structure de support sur laquelle elle est fixée - la forme, la taille et le matériau sont des éléments à prendre en considération.

Notre promesse:

Nous nous engageons à une politique de retour de 30 jours, sans poser de questions. Vous décidez que Connect n'est pas pour vous ? Pas de soucis. Obtenez un remboursement complet.

Prix régulier $265.00
Prix de vente $265.00 Prix régulier

Ride, travel
and go on

without worrying about your bike

Altangle in the press

Fits everywhere

The super-portable bike repair stand is made for traveling seamlessly. At just 3 lbs and 14” long, it fits in your travel bag, bike box, suitcase, and even your backpack.

Use it at home

Unlike other stands, Connect is practical and convenient. Take it out when you need it, and stow it when you don’t. Upgrade your bike, swap parts, and lube your chain.

Clamp it to anything

Heading out for a group ride or traveling to an event? Clamp the Connect to a street sign, railing, trailhead, or whatever else is in front of you, and easily do a pre-ride check.

Use it in the shop

The Connect is perfect to use as a dueling bike stand, for fork servicing, wrapping bars, or simply being the extra hand you
need while you work.

Don’t take our word for It

"Connect has become one of the best / most used accessories I own. I got it primarily for travel / trailhead type maintenance but it’s so dang convenient I basically don’t do anything without it - literally, if I’m pumping up my tires I’m probably using the Connect while doing so - don’t have to worry about the bike falling over or just general annoyances of not having it secured."

- Pat Viens

"I’ve been keeping an eye on the Altangle for quite a while, so when I met them at the Bentonville Bikefest I bombarded them with lots of questions. Needless to say, they were all answered and I had to purchase one of them. So far it has worked perfectly every time I have used it to interchange parts between bikes. I hook it up to my old bike stand and hang both bikes right next to each other. I was able to exchange parts with ease."

- Jorge Valdez

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Great for hotel room assembly

I travel via air out of state for a few events. My bike case requires a high level of disassembly and in the past that meant reassembly with the frame laying on the floor. Used it recently when in Tucson for El Tour and it was great. I have a full blown service stand, yet can see using the Hangar Connect at home.

Mike Wilson
Delivered Quicker than Expected

I'm based in UK so was expecting a little delay on delivery but received within 7 days. Very pleased.

I have tried the Connect on the bike rack on back of my Campervan with my heaviest MTB and seems to be functional (more worried about the bike rack!). Looking forward to using in anger when on the road.

Stumbled onto a winner!

I travel two to three times a year in a pickup and and Australian camper, primarily in the Western U.S. for 4-5 weeks at a time. I have always carried a full-size bike stand in the back of my pickup. After every trip I find that the vibration from rugged roads has caused the stand to disassemble on its own. So, before my latest trip, I searched for an alternative and found the Hanger Connect. Wow, what a find! It’s small, light, very well-designed and the quality of the materials and manufacture are exceptional. It clamps to a round bar on the after-market off-road bumper on my pickup and holds my bikes securely for lubrication and servicing. I’m completely satisfied with this product and recommend it highly.

Doc Savage
My neck as a bike stand done

After learning to stick my neck under the nose of the saddle to hold it up, good for an emergency but not good for maintenance. First use was a sign post as an anchor and bike hanging ready for work. Changed wheels, lubed the chain, and fine tuned tire pressure while walking around fat, dumb, and happy. I was in my happy space. Post ride hung the bike to clean the chain and still had a free hand for beer. It’s a miracle!!!

Joe Smith
It's awesome, I love it.

It's awesome, I love it.