Versatile bike repair tools
for the shop mechanic

Your extra pair of hands in the shop.

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None of the bulk, all of the utility

Save precious workspace while repairing and maintaining more bikes at one time. Portable and compact, so you get all of the utility, with no extra weight. There when you need it, stowed away when you don’t.

Do more, with less

Use the Connect bike stand to service two bikes at once— easily swap wheels, pedals, and parts and service forks. Or, use it as an overflow stand outside, when you’re running out of servicing space in the shop.

Have an extra pair of hands

Ensure you’re never working alone. Our bike multi-tools go beyond helping you with repairs, they're literally the extra set of hands you need. Hold lights, extra parts or even an umbrella on a hot sunny day, or turn it into a make-shift tool tray possibilities are infinite.

Out of the shop

Unlike other clunky bike stands, ours are designed for a lifestyle on the go. Take them with you if you leave the shop for the day to set up a repair tent at a race or cycling event.

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Don’t take our word for it

"10/10! Better than I expected. Super solid construction, smooth moving parts, easily support my bikes/forks even while I am hammering away during service, and packs away to nearly nothing. Couldn’t ask for it to be better!"

- Tim

"First use was a post as an anchor and bike hanging ready for work. Changed wheels, lubed the chain, and fine tuned tire pressure while walking around fat, dumb, and happy. I was in my happy space. Post ride, hung the bike to clean the chain and still had a free hand for beer."

- Doc S