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The Connect is a mount anywhere multi-tool perfect for securing your gear, tools, equipment and more.

-> Weighs just 3lbs. Easy to take anywhere.

-> Proprietary design. Works on almost any support structure.

-> Try it risk-free. No questions asked returns policy plus a lifetime warranty.

The Connect’s greatest strength is its versatility - whether it’s using a tent pole, van ladder, roll cage, street sign, handrail, 2x4, bench top, or another stable structure, the Connect gives you the extra hand you've always needed.  

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The Extra Hand
you've always

How will you use yours?

On Site

Revolutionize your on-site tasks with the Connect. Whether you're on a bustling construction site, a dynamic movie set, or handling electrical work, this versatile tool securely clamps to any surface, lending you unparalleled support where you need it most.

On The Go

Elevate your adventures with the Connect by your side. Weighing just 3 lbs and measuring 14” in length, it's your portable powerhouse. From fishing trips to tailgate parties, it attaches securely to any object, providing the stability you need for any task, anywhere.

Clamp it to anything

Transform your workspace with the Extra Hand's unbeatable versatility. Ideal for woodworkers, garage tinkerers, mechanics, welders, and more. No matter your craft, this tool adapts seamlessly, offering the extra stability and support you've been longing for.

Don’t take our word for It

"Connect has become one of the best / most used accessories I own."

- Patrick Viens

"I've only just ordered this clamp, but we've already used it a million and one ways."

- Will Russell

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
William Russell
Really useful for outside labor

Me and my team work in construction and drive a lot from one work site to another. I only just ordered this clamp, but we've already used it a million and one ways. Right now we're in Texas heat, so we're using it a lot with an umbrella to give us shade. Also been using it to hold equipment when we need an extra pair of hands. We're also using it as a lunch table by clamping some spare wood to the truck. Really useful little thing.

Thomas Clark
Exceptional product

Couldn’t find a good product to carry my bow on my utv. Bought a connect and 100% worth the money. I can safely secure my expensive bow in seconds to and from the field. So many uses for it but I would highly recommend to any archery hunter who is using an atv or side by side to access their hunting spots.

This unit is built to last!

Hundreds of uses for this tool! I will be using it at work and off work. Built to last and I’m excited to use it on my ebike to hold by bow and my utv to hold my drip torch.

Kay Hagar
Great tool

Very handy

Chris Vickers
Love its versatility

It works for exactly what i intended