Group 3 - Now Shipping

Estimated Ship Date: Feb 20 - Feb 22

Timeline & Updates

Products arrived at the US port on Feb 3 and were expected to arrive at our facility on Feb 7; then it would have taken us about 3 days to process, QC and start fulfilling orders on Feb 10

Due to high demand and the need to fulfill pre orders first, we ended the pre order sale and began offering the opportunity to order Gen2 products with a 7-14 day shipping delay 

    Following the inclement weather last week we have seen a slight delay with the shipment, which is now expected to arrive at our fulfillment center in Texas on Friday Feb 10th

    Well, while our / your products have successfully been delivered to our fulfilment center in Texas (where we would least expect any significant delays), it seems there was some very crucial paperwork that was obstructed during shipping, and this prevented the warehouse team from identifying and processing our delivery on time. This issues has now been resolved and orders are being processed (Updated 2.15.2023)

    So, we hope to have the first orders shipping by Feb 20 or sooner if at all possible!  

    Orders were processed and began shipping Monday February 20th (Updated 2.21.23) 


      This page is a work in progress but it was the quickest / most efficient way for us to provide live updates and delivery timelines along with a more transparent view into our operations. Keep checking back as our goal is to continue adding content here for those interested.