Pro Bar

Upgrade your Connect with the Pro Bar!

-> Precise Rotation: 360 degrees of exact rotation control

-> Length Adjustable: Offering a range between 14" to 18"

-> Seamless Compatibility: Integrates with your existing offset bar

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Ride, travel
and go on

without worrying about your bike

Altangle in the press

Seamless compatibility

Integrates with your existing offset bar

Precise rotation

360 degrees of exact rotation control

Adjustable length

14" - 18" inches of additional length and adjustability

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Amazing product! I’d buy it again!!

Ramie Haines

It has worked just great.

F. Martinez
looks good.

i bought for emergency bow maintenance out in the field, opened the box looked at the quality and feel....looks an feels good, but haven't put it to any kind of test as of yet.

Doug B
Excellent product

First rate, versatile

Robert Lusby
Coolest Bike Tool Ever!

Wow, this has got to be one of the best thought out and designed bike tools I ever ran across! It is very well built out of metal, so I know it will be durable. It is extremely flexible in terms of what you can mount it to in order to service and maintain your bike. It also can function as a portable clamping device to hold pretty much anything you can think of that might need quick clamping. I am really pleased by this product. Glad I found it. Thanks!